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DKIM Summit I

Santa Clara / February 13, 2006



  • How email authentication can help combat phishing, spear phishing, spam, and spoofing
  • Why DomainKeys Identified Mail is gaining industry momentum as the preferred signature-based email authentication approach
  • Use cases and deployment lessons from leading enterprises such as Bank of America and Cisco
  • Overview of solutions from email infrastructure vendors and reputation services providers that support email authentication
  • Latest information on the work that is being done by industry leaders to make this a standard



  • Sanjay Pol, VP, New Business Ventures, Cisco Systems (pdf)

Keynote: Message Authentication and Cisco's Self Defending Network Strategy

  • Jayshree Ullal, Senior Vice President, Data Center, Switching and Security Technology Group, Cisco Systems (pdf)

Keynote: The business case for DKIM - An overview of industry trends and role of email authentication

  • Andy Spillane, VP, Yahoo! Mail (pdf)

Panel Topic - DKIM explained: Collaborative effort to combat email spoofing and resulting security exposure.

  • Jim Fenton, Cisco
  • Michael Thomas, Cisco
  • Mark Delany, Yahoo!
  • Eric Allman, Sendmail (pdf)
  • Jon Callas, PGP Corporation
  • Moderator: Barry Leiba, IBM

Presentation: Cisco case study (followed by Q&A)

  • John Stewart, VP & CTO, Corporate Security Programs, Cisco System (pdf)

Panel Topic - DKIM deployment: Issues and considerations

  • eBay (pdf)
  • Bank of America (pdf)
  • Yahoo!
  • Cheetahmail
  • Moderator: Peter Christy, Principal Analyst, IRG

DKIM & Email Infrastructure Panelists:

  • IronPort (pdf)
  • Ciphertrust
  • Port 25 (pdf)
  • Sendmail (pdf)
  • Alt-N (pdf)
  • Moderator: Peter Christy, Principal Analyst, IRG

Panel Topic - DKIM & Email Reputation Panelists:

  • Habeas (pdf)
  • ReturnPath
  • Trend Micro/Kalkea (pdf)
  • Iconix (pdf)
  • Moderator: Ashok Ramaswami, Cisco Systems

Closing remarks

  • Sanjay Pol, VP, New Business Ventures, Cisco Systems
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